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双语新闻:    Apple 服务新业务 大大推动苹果公司业绩增长

青岛希尼尔 翻译咨询有限公司(www.)整理发布   2017-08-04


青岛希尼尔翻译公司( www.)2017年8月4日了解到:Technology giant Apple, best known for its iPhones and computers, said newer lines of business such as Apple Pay, the App Store and Apple Music helped to drive growth in its third quarter.

以iphone和电脑闻名 的科技巨头苹果公司表示,Apple pay、App Store和Apple Music等新业务推 动了苹果第三季度的增长。

The services unit was what one analyst described as a "shining light" during a period with robust sales across Apple’s different product lines, including iPhones and iPads.

在苹果不同 产品线(包括iphone和ipad)销售强劲的 情况下,这些服务业务被一位分析人士形容为“耀眼的光芒”。

The firm said quarterly revenues grew by 7% year-on-year to $45.4bn, news that sent its stock surging more than 5% in after-hours trade.

该公司表示 ,季度营收同比增长7%,至454亿美元,消 息传出后,该公司股价在盘后交易中飙升逾5%。

It also forecast strong sales ahead.

它还预测未 来将会有更强劲的销售业绩。

Apple is expected to release new and updated iPhones next month.

预计苹果公 司将于下月发布新款iphone。

Apple chief executive Tim Cook was tight-lipped when it came to details on the new launch and said reports about the new phones may have caused some people to "pause" their purchases of the existing phones.

苹果首席执 行官蒂姆.库克在谈到 即将推出的新品的上市细节时守口如瓶,他表示,一些有关新手机的报道可能已经让部分购买者选择不购买现有的手机了。

But "while that affects us in the short-term, it probably bodes well", he added.

但他补充说 ,“虽然这在短期内影响了我们,但这可能是好兆头。”

Even with some people waiting for the new models, Apple said the number of iPhones sold in the quarter increased a solid 2% year-on-year, driven by strong demand in markets such as Latin America and the Middle East.

尽管有一些 人在等待新机型的推出,但苹果公司表示,由于拉美和中东等市场的较大需求,当季iphone销量仍同比 增长了2%。

The growth lifted revenue from iPhones, which account for the bulk of the company’s sales, by 3% to $24.8bn.

苹果的销售 额增长了3%,达到2480亿美元。

Apple also said the number of iPads sold climbed 28% year-on-year, while revenues from the product increased 2%.

苹果还表示 ,ipad的销量同比 增长了28%,来自该产 品的收入增长了2%。

Revenue from other devices, such as the Apple Watch, Apple TV and Beats products, jumped 23% year-on-year.

苹果手表、 苹果电视和Beats产品等其他 设备的收入同比增长了23%。

Mr Cook stressed the success of its services unit, which includes Apple Pay, the App Store and Apple Music. The division had sales of nearly $7.3bn during the three months to the end of June, a rise of 22% on the same period last year.

库克强调了※※※ 服务业务部门的成功,包括苹果支付、应用商店和苹果音乐。在截至6月底的3个月里,该 部门的销售额接近73亿美元,较 去年同期增长22%。

Apple Pay now accounts for almost 90% of mobile payment transactions around the world, said chief financial officer Luca Maestri. Paying accounts on the App Store are also on the rise, he said.

苹果首席财 务官卢卡·马埃斯特里说,苹果支付目前在全球移动支付交易中占近90%。他也表示 ,在App Store上的付费账 户也在上升。

Geoff Blaber of CCS Insight described the services business "the shining light".

CCS Insight的杰夫.布拉伯称, 服务业务现在十分受欢迎。

"Not only is $7.3 billion in revenue hugely significant in its own right, it underlines the ecosystem advantage it has over its competitors outside of China," he said.

他表示:“这不仅是 73亿美元的巨 额收入,也突显了它在中国以外的一些竞争对手中所拥有的生态优势。”

Mr Cook also addressed the firm’s decision to remove some products from its App store in China, saying Apple had to abide by the law.

库克还谈到 了苹果公司在中国的App store中删除部分 产品的决定,称苹果必须遵守法律。

"We would obviously rather not remove the apps," he said. "We’re hopeful that over time the restrictions we’re seeing are loosened."

“我们显然 不会删除这些应用程序,”他说:“我们希望随着时间的推移,限制能逐渐放宽。”



One of the big worries for investors - and Apple fans, you’d imagine - is that concern that the next iPhone, due in September, could be delayed due to production issues.

对投资者和 苹果粉丝来说,最大的担忧之一是,原定于9月份发布的 下一代iPhone可能会因为 生产问题而推迟。

But judging by Apple’s revenue forecasts for the rest of the year, it seems this will not be the case. It means we can expect anticipation for a big upgrade to the iPhone to step into overdrive, what with it being the device’s 10th anniversary year.

但从苹果今 年剩下时间的收入预测来看,情况似乎并非如此。这意味着我们可以期待对iPhone的巨大升级 ,这也是其设备发展的10周年纪念日 。

In those 10 years, 1.2 billion iPhones have been sold, Mr Cook told investors today.

库克在接受 投资者采访时说,在这10年中,已经 售出了12亿部iphone。

Apple relies on it heavily for its revenue, which some see as being a weakness in the company - but this quarter has also provided good news for investors when it comes to generating big profits in other areas.

苹果公司在 很大程度上依赖于手机带来的收入,一些人认为这是公司的一个弱点。但这个季度在其他领域产生的巨大利润也为投资者带来了好消息。

And Apple’s services department - App Store and Apple Music, mostly - had revenues of more than $7.2bn in this last quarter. That makes it, as Apple was delighted to point out today, the size of a Fortune 100 company in its own right.

苹果的服务 部门——App Store和Apple Music在上个季度 的营收超过72亿美元。正 如苹果公司今天发布的消息中所说的,它的规模相当于一家财富100强公司的规 模。


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