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安倍欢迎英 国退欧后加入TPP

青岛希尼尔 翻译咨询有限公司(www.)整理发布   2018-10-28


青岛希尼尔翻译公司( www.)2018年10月28日了解到:Japan would welcome Britain to the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal “with open arms”, said prime minister Shinzo Abe, as he urged compromise to avoid a no-deal Brexit.

安倍晋三(Shinzo Abe)表示,日本 将“张开双臂”欢迎英国加入《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定》(TPP)。日本首相 敦促各方做出让步,以避免英国无协议退欧的局面。

Speaking in an interview with the Financial Times at his official residence in Tokyo, Mr Abe said Britain would lose its role as a gateway to Europe after Brexit but would still be a country “equipped with global strength”.

安倍在东京 官邸接受英国《金融时报》采访时称,退欧后英国将失去其作为欧洲门户的地位,但仍将是一个“具备全球实力”的国家。

His remarks will encourage Brexit supporters in the UK, who see new opportunities for free trade outside the EU, while turning up the pressure on Brussels and London to strike a timely exit deal.

他的言论将 鼓舞英国的退欧支持者,这些人主张欧盟以外存在自由贸易新机遇,与此同时加大了布鲁塞尔和伦敦方面所受到的压力,要求他们及时达成英国退欧协议。

The TPP is a wide-ranging trade agreement between 11 Pacific countries, including Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Canada, Mexico and Australia. It originally included the US, but withdrawal was one of Donald Trump’s first acts as president.

TPP是包括日本 、越南、马来西亚、加拿大、墨西哥和澳大利亚等11个太平洋沿 岸国家达成的一项广泛贸易协定。美国最初是该协定的成员国之一,但在唐纳德?特朗普(Donald Trump)就任总统后 采取的首批行动中退出了该协定。

Joining would be a way for Britain to strike new free trade deals with a large and fast-growing chunk of the world economy. However, it would be possible only if Britain left the EU’s customs union and gained the power to set its own tariffs.

对英国来说 ,加入TPP将是与世界 经济中一个庞大且快速增长的群体达成新的自由贸易协定的一种方式。然而,只有在英国退出欧盟的关税同盟、获得自行设定关税的权力后,才有可能实现这一点。

“I hope that both sides can contribute their wisdom and at least avoid a so-called disorderly Brexit,” Mr Abe said, arguing that a transition period was essential for Japanese business.

“我希望双 方都能贡献自己的智慧,至少避免所谓的无序退欧,”安倍表示。他指出,英国退欧过渡期对于日资企业至关重要。

Manufacturers such as Toyota and Nissan helped to revive the UK economy in the 1980s by using it as their base in Europe. But they have grown frustrated by the lack of clarity on Brexit. Several banks are shifting operations to the EU, while Panasonic has cited Brexit as a reason for moving its European headquarters from the UK to the Netherlands. “I truly hope that the negative impact of Brexit to the global economy, including Japanese businesses, will be minimised,” Mr Abe said.

丰田汽车(Toyota)和日产汽车 (Nissan)等制造商在 20世纪80年代将英国 作为其欧洲基地,帮助重振了英国经济。但英国退欧的不确定性令他们越发感到不安。多家银行正将业务转移至欧洲大陆,与此同时,松下(Panasonic)将英国退欧 列为将其欧洲总部从英国迁至荷兰的原因之一。“我真心希望,英国退欧对全球经济(包括日资企业)造成的负面影响被降至最低,”安倍表示。

He also hailed a “very fruitful” summit with Mr Trump 12 days ago, where the two men agreed to negotiate a new trade agreement on goods.

他还表示, 12天前与特朗 普举行的峰会“非常富有成果”,当时两人同意就新的商品贸易协定进行谈判。

Mr Abe said the US had promised not to increase car tariffs while the talks were in progress, nor ask for greater agricultural access than Japan has given in other trade deals. But in a sign of Japan’s vulnerability, Mr Abe conceded he was not asking the US for reciprocal tariff reductions. “I don’t feel there are excessive tariffs on so many sectors when it comes to trade between Japan and the US,” he said.

安倍表示, 美国已承诺,在谈判进行期间不会上调汽车关税,也不会要求日本提供比其它贸易协定更大的农业准入。但安倍承认,他没有要求美国下调互惠关税,这凸显出日本的脆弱性。“就美日贸易而言,我并不认为有很多行业的关税过 高,”他说。

In the original TPP, Washington agreed to reduce its 2 per cent tariff on Japanese automobiles to zero over 10 years, and its 25 per cent tariff on Japanese trucks to zero after 30 years.

在最初的TPP协定中,华 盛顿方面同意在10年内将针对 日本汽车的2%关税降至零 ,30年后将针对 日本卡车的25%关税降至零 。

The Japanese prime minister has gone to extreme lengths to cultivate Mr Trump — meeting him nine times and holding 26 phone calls — because the US alliance is so fundamental to Japan’s security. Mr Abe said he opposed any withdrawal of US forces from the Korean peninsula as part of a deal to scrap North Korea’s nuclear weapons.

日本首相一 直竭尽全力与特朗普搞好关系——与他进行了9次会晤和26次电话通话 ——因为与美国的同盟关系对日本的安全至关重要。安倍表示,他反对将美国从朝鲜半岛撤军作为朝鲜弃核协议的一部分。

“It is my understanding that there is no such idea in the minds of the USside nor in the mind of President Trump,” he said. “The presence of US forces in Korea is, I believe, a very important element for the peace and stability of east Asia.”

“我的理解 是,美国方面和特朗普总统都没有这样的想法,”他说,“我认为,美军在韩国的存在是东亚和平与稳定的一个非常重要的元素。”


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