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普京:土耳 其明知战机属于俄罗斯仍将其击落(中英双语)

青岛希尼尔 翻译咨询有限公司(www.)整理发布   2015-11-29


青岛希尼尔翻译公司( www.)2015年11月29日了解到:俄罗斯反 驳了土耳其关于击落飞机的说法,即土耳其不知道在叙利亚边界被击落的飞机属于俄罗斯。 Russia has rejected Turkey’s claims that it did not know the plane it shot down on the Syria border was Russian.
  President Vladimir Putin said Russian planes were easily identifiable and the jet’s flight co-ordinates had been passed on to Turkey’s ally, the US.
  俄罗斯 总统普京说,俄罗斯飞机很容易辨认,而且俄罗斯喷气飞机的飞行坐标已经给了土耳其的盟友美国。
  Turkey’s president said earlier if it had known the plane was Russian "maybe we would have warned it differently".
  土耳其 总统早些时候说如果土耳其知道飞机是俄罗斯的,“可能我们会以不同方式发出警告”。
  Mr Putin was speaking after meeting his French counterpart and pledging closer co-operation against Islamic State.IS claimed the 13 November attacks in Paris which killed 130 people.
  普京在 会见了法国总统后作出上述表示。他见法国总统是许诺要请加强合作打击伊斯兰国。伊斯兰国声称他们发动了11月13日在巴黎的 袭击,130人死于这次 袭击。
  Russia and France have agreed to co-operate more closely in fighting terrorism in Syria. The two countries will exchange intelligence on Islamic State - and co-ordinate air strikes.
  普京和 法国总统奥朗德同意加强协调针对伊斯兰国的空中打击,加大努力避免打击叙利亚其他的原意打击恐怖主义的反叛组织。
  But differences remain over the fate of the Syrian leader. President Hollande made it clear that Bashar al-Assad could play no role in his country’s future. President Putin said that was up to the Syrian people to decide.
  叙利亚 领导人的命运仍然存在分歧。奥朗德总统明确表示,巴沙尔-阿萨德在他 的国家的未来没有发挥作用。普京总统说,这是由叙利亚人民决定的。
  And there is no sign of the kind of "grand coalition" against terror that France had been calling for, one that would include America.Speaking at a news conference after the talks, President Putin even suggested that Turkey had shot down the Russian bomber this week after receiving information about its location from the US.
  没有任 何一种“大联盟”的迹象,这一“大联盟”是不可能的,法国一直在呼吁,美国将加入其内。新闻发布会上,普京总统暗示说道,土耳其在接到来自美国称这是俄罗斯战机消息后,仍然将其战机击落。
  Two Russian servicemen died after the Russian SU-24 plane crashed into a mountainside on Syrian soil on Tuesday after being hit by a missile from a Turkish F-16 fighter jet.The Turkish military said it sent several warnings to the jet before firing, some 17 seconds after the plane entered Turkish air space.
  俄罗斯 的苏-24战机遭到土 耳其F-16战机发射导 弹击中坠毁。在坠机和随后的搜救行动中,共有两名俄罗斯军人被打死。土耳其军方说,在飞机飞越土耳其领空17秒后,他们 在开火前对飞机发出几次警告。
  A surviving Russian pilot said he had received no such warning and was adamant they did not stray out of Syrian air space.Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has rejected calls by Russia to apologise, saying Turkey does not need to say sorry for the violation of its airspace.
  一个存 活的俄罗斯飞行员说道,他并没有接到这样的警告,并坚定地说道,他们并没有偏离叙利亚领空。土耳其总统Recep Tayyip Erdogan 拒绝接受俄 罗斯要求,并没有向俄罗斯道歉,说道土耳其并不需要因侵犯其领空向其致歉。
  However, he told France 24 television: "If we had known it was a Russian plane, maybe we would have warned it differently".
  然而, 他却告诉法国电台说:“如果我们早知道是俄罗斯飞机,我们将会发出不同的警告。”
  But Mr Putin insisted it was "impossible" for Turkey not to have known it was shooting at a Russian plane. "It’s got insignia, and you can see that.He went on: "In advance, in accordance with our agreement with the US, we gave information on where our planes would be working - at what altitude, and in what areas. Turkey is part of that coalition and they had to know it was the Russian airforce working in that area.
  但是普 京坚持说土耳其不可能不知道他们击落的就是俄罗斯战机。“飞机上有指示牌,你们可能很清晰地看到。在飞机起飞之前,我们取得美国方面的同意,告诉他们我们飞机将会在什么领域作业,在什么高度飞行。土耳其是美国的联 盟国,他们自然应该知道这是俄罗斯的飞机在飞行。”
  "If it was an American aircraft, would they have struck?"
  “如果 这是美国的飞机,他们会击落吗?”
  Mr Putin told the news conference he was ready to co-operate more closely with the US-led coalition "but of course incidents like the destruction of our aircraft and the deaths of our servicemen... are absolutely unacceptable".
  普京在 新闻发布会上称:他愿意和美国联盟进行合作,但是像这样击落飞机并使我们军人死亡的事情是绝不能接受的。
  Earlier on Thursday, Russia’s military suspended all communication channels with the Turkish military, including a "hot line" to help avoid air accidents.
  周四早 些时候,俄罗斯暂停了和土耳其军事方面所有的交流渠道,包括帮助其阻止航空事件的“热线”。
  Russia’s prime minister also warned the government was planning wide-ranging economic sanctions against Turkey within the coming days.He warned that food products, Turkish interests in Russia and a number of joint investment projects could be affected.
  俄罗斯 首相发出警告说,政府将会在未来几天扩大对土耳其的经济制裁。并警告称,食物产品以及土耳其在俄罗斯方面的利益和一系列的合资项目都会受到影响。
  Russia has also advised its nationals against visiting Turkey, and urged those already there to return home "due to the terrorist threats that remain on Turkish territory".
  俄罗斯 还建议本国国民不要去访问土耳其,因为土耳其境内的恐怖主义威胁,并呼吁那些已经在土耳其的国民赶快回归家园。
  Turkey and Russia have important economic links. Russia is Turkey’s second largest trading partner, while Turkey is the biggest foreign destination for Russian tourists.
  土耳其 和俄罗斯有重要的经济联系,俄罗斯是土耳其的第二大贸易合作伙伴,土耳其是俄罗斯最大的出口旅游目的地。 来源:BBC中文网

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