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全球首款亿 航可载人无人机惊艳亮相2016CES(中英双语 )

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青岛希尼尔翻译公司( www.)2016年1月8日了解到:Chinese drone maker Ehang Inc unveiled what it calls the world’s first drone capable of carrying a human passenger at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Wednesday.

周三,在美 国拉斯维加斯城举行的国际消费类电子产品展览会上,中国无人机制造商亿航展示了世界首架可载人无人机。

The company said it is anticipating large-scale commercial use of its aerial vehicle.

亿航公司表 示,期待可载人无人机将会发挥航空交通工具的大规模商用价值。

Ehang 184 takes off and lands vertically like a helicopter but with four double-propellers spinning parallel to the ground like other drones. Having the destination input, the automatic flight control system will choose the fastest, safest route to fly the passenger, who only needs to give two commands, "take off" and "land", on a touchscreen tablet.

飞行器184看上去像一 个小型直升机,拥有8支螺旋桨和 4支机臂。在 系统中输入目的地后,自动飞行控制系统就会选择最快最安全的线路自动将你送达。乘客只需下达两个命令:“起飞”和“降落”。

The electric-powered drone can be fully charged in two hours at the fastest rate and fly for 23 minutes at sea level at a speed of 100 km per hour, according to Ehang.

根据亿航公 司介绍,这款无人机由电力驱动,最快两个小时即可充满电,续航时间为23分钟左右, 平均时速为每小时100公里。

The new means of point-to-point, short flights can be applied in a wide range of areas including urban traffic, tourism, logistics, emergency medical treatment and disaster relief, said Derrick Xiong, Ehang’s co-founder and chief marketing officer.

据亿航公司 市场部总监熊经理介绍,这种两点间的短距离飞行将会用途广泛,可用于包括都市交通、旅行、物流、紧急医疗处理和灾难救济等情况。

He revealed that his company plans to sell the drone at a price of $200,000 to $300,000 per unit. Xiong said that vehicle rental, taxi service, e-commerce and logistics companies had approached Ehang during the CES after the innovative drone was unveiled and grabbed the spotlight at the show.

这款无人机 一架售价在20-30万美金之间 。熊经理说道,在国际消费类电子产品展览会上,这款创新型无人机一亮相就引来无数关注,车辆租赁,出租车服务,电子商务和一些物流公司已经前来咨询。

But Xiong acknowledged that it initially may be only used in designated places such as tourist areas. A likely scenario will be flying tourists between islands.

但是熊经理 表示,目前这款无人机只能用于旅游区特定的两点地址的运行。他们将会考虑带游客在两个岛屿之间飞行的方案。

The Guangzhou, Guangdong province-based company expects to put the passenger-carrying drone into practical use within this year, according to Xiong.

据熊经理介 绍,广东省广州市一家公司在今年内将考虑把这款可载人无人机投入使用。

The breakthrough is likely to be made in Guangzhou or its sister city Auckland in New Zealand, for the mayor of Auckland showed interest upon hearing about the drone’s concept in previous talks with Ehang, he said.

广州或者其 姐妹城市新西兰的奥克兰将会实现这个突破。因为之前奥克兰市长表示对亿航无人机的理念很感兴趣。

"We will make sure the use of the passenger-carrying drone is in line with local laws and regulations of where it flies," Xiong said. "Currently there are no regulations that apply to such products because it is an entirely new category of technology. We are working closely with government agencies on addressing this big challenge in the way of the large-scale commercial use of passenger-carrying drones."

“我们将确 保无人机的飞行符合当地法律法规的规定,”熊经理说,“因为无人机属于全新的科技产品,目前尚无有关法律法规容许其运行。我们将会和政府部门进行商议,让无人机能够投入商议使用。”

"Ehang 184 was not launched as a gimmick. We are open to all kinds of voices in the market and will keep improving the product," he said. "Our ultimate goal is that the drone can be part of the urban traffic system, serving as a green supplement to the transportation on the ground to ease traffic jams."

“飞行器184的发行并不 是一个商业噱头。我们会听取市场各方面的批评和建议,我们会继续努力提高产品质量,”熊经理说,“我们的最终目的是让无人机成为我们城市交通系统的一部分,成为地上交通的后援补充来缓解交通压力。”

Gao Yuanyang, director of the general aviation industry research center at Beihang University in Beijing, held that it is "too early" to talk about putting passenger-carrying drones into commercial use. "I don’t think it will be realized in at least the next 15 years. We need to make laws and regulations to ensure the air vehicle’s safety and ponder over how to coordinate it with other means in the traffic system," Gao told China Daily.

北京航空航 天大学通用航空工业研究中心高主任认为,“谈论把可携带乘客的无人机投入商业使用,为时过早,我认为至少在未来15年内它将不 会被实现。我们需要制定法律法规,以确保空中交通工具的安全性,并考虑如何协调它与其他手段在交通系统中的运行,”高主任告诉中国日报。

"In China there are strict restrictions on manned general aircraft operating in low-altitude airspace below 1,000 meters, let alone unmanned ones."

“在中国, 在低海拔1000米以下的低 空空域飞行的普通飞机都有严格的限制条件,更不用说无人驾驶飞机。”
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