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德克萨斯大 学允许携带枪支进入教室(中英双语)

青岛希尼尔 翻译咨询有限公司(www.)整理发布   2016-02-26


青岛希尼尔翻译公司( www.)2016年2月26日了解到:Guns will be allowed in classrooms at the University of Texas at Austin next school year, but not in the dorms save for some narrow exceptions, under guidelines issued Wednesday.
  根据周 三公布的指导方针,下学年,在德克萨斯大学奥斯汀分校,枪支将被允许带进教室,但除了少数个例外,不允许带进宿舍。
  University President Greg Fenves submitted the rules reluctantly to comply with the state’s new campus carry law, which has generated intense controversy.
  学校校 长格雷格·弗伍兹提交了一份条例,称不愿意遵守本州新的校园携带法律,这引起了强烈的争议。
  The law allows the concealed carrying of weapons by license holders in public university buildings across the state.
  这项新 的法律允许持有隐蔽携带武器许可证的人,带枪进入整个州的公立大学中。
  [If you want to carry a gun on campus, these states say yes]
  [如果你想要 携带枪支进入校园,这个州是允许的]
  Universities were given the power to create limited rules that designate some “gun-free zones” in areas where it would be too dangerous to have weapons.
  高校有 创建细则的权利,比如规定一些拥有武器会增加危险的地方是“禁枪区”。
  Those zones have to be limited in scope, however, and can’t have the effect of making it practically impossible to carry a gun anywhere on campus.
  然而, 这些区域必须是有限的范围,不能造成校园里各处都不能带枪的结果。
  In separate letters to UT System Chancellor Bill McRaven and the university community, Fenves said he opposes the idea of guns on campus. But the law gives him no choice, he said. That has made the process of writing the rules the most difficult thing he has done since becoming president last year, he said.
  弗伍兹 在写给犹他州总理比尔麦克雷文和大学社区的两封独立的信件里说,他反对校园内允许携带枪支的想法。但是他说法律让他别无选择。他说,自从去年担任校长以来,那已经使撰写规则的过程成了他做过最困难的事。
  “As a professor, I understand the deep concerns raised by so many,” he wrote in his letter to faculty, students and staff. “However, as president, I have an obligation to uphold the law.”
  他写给 学院、学生和员工的信中写道“作为一名教授,我理解很多人提出的深切担忧。然而,作为校长,我有义务捍卫法律。”
  Fenves’s rules will ban guns in dorms except for three exceptions: Concealed guns would be allowed in common areas. Family members visiting dorms would be allowed to carry a gun. And staff members who work in the dorms could carry a gun.
  弗伍兹 的规则禁止将强制带入宿舍,以下三种情况除外:隐蔽携带枪允许出现在公共区域。家庭成员参观宿舍可以携带枪支。管理人员进入宿舍可以携带枪支。
  While no classroom ban will be imposed, faculty members who don’t share an office with anyone else can ban guns in their specific areas, Fenves said.
  弗伍兹 说表示不会强迫任何教室进行禁令,不和其他人共用一间办公室的教职员工可以在他们的特定区域禁止枪支。
  He also issued strict rules for how those guns can be carried. In most cases, students and other people carrying guns must keep the weapons “on or about their person” at all times. If people aren’t carrying their guns, they’ll have to keep them in their locked cars. Gun safes will only be allowed in one place — university apartments, which are mostly reserved for families and graduate students.
  他还对 如何携带枪支制定了严格的规定。在大部分情况下,学生和其他人必须保证枪支一直随身携带。如果人们没有带枪,他们必须把枪锁在车里。放枪的保险箱只能在一个地方——大学公寓,这主要是为家庭和毕业生准备。
  All guns that are being carried will have to be kept in a holster that protects the trigger. The gun can’t have a bullet in its chamber. And it can’t be visible; the state’s new open carry law doesn’t apply to college campuses.
  所有随 身携带的枪支必须放在一个保护扳机的皮套里。枪膛不能有子弹,应该是不可见的;这项关于携带枪支的法律不适用于专科学院的校园。
  Several other areas of campus will also have gun bans, including daycare centers, labs where dangerous materials are stored and health-care and counseling facilities.
  一些校 园里的其他区域也将禁止枪支,包括日托中心和实验室,因为这些地方存放着危险材料、医疗为生设施和咨询设施。
  The law put university presidents in charge of making the rules, but the schools’ boards of regents have the power to change them with a two-thirds vote.
  这条法 律让校长负责制定细则,但是学校的董事会评议获得三分之二的票数也有权改变细则。
  A UT System spokeswoman said that its board will review — but not necessarily take action on — all of its schools’ plans later this spring. Fenves and other university presidents have consulted with system officials throughout the rule-making process.
  一位犹 他州系统的发言人说它的董事会将审议——但不一定采取行动——学校在春末的所有计划。弗伍兹和其他大学校长已经向系统官员咨询过细则制定方法。
  Campus carry has been one of the most controversial issues in years at colleges across the state.
  这些年 ,校园携带枪支问题已经成为这个州的校园里最有争议的问题。
  Private universities were given the choice about whether they wanted to comply. So far, 24 private schools have opted out of the new law; none have opted in.
  私立大 学也有权选择是否想要服从(这项法律)。至今为止,已经有24所私立学校 选择退出这项新的法律;还没有学校选择加入。
  Opposition has been especially strong at UT-Austin. The university’s faculty council passed numerous resolutions against allowing guns in classrooms.
  奥斯丁 分校的反对声尤其强烈。学校委员会通过了无数的解决办法来抵抗教室内允许携带枪支的法律。
  The college’s only Nobel Prize-winning faculty member has promised to flout the law and ban guns in his class no matter what Fenves’s rule said.
  大学唯 一的诺贝尔奖获得者成员已经承诺,无论弗伍兹的细则如何规定,他将无视这条法律,在他的班上禁止携带枪支。
  But the task force convened by Fenves decided that a classroom ban went too far. Many students come on campus solely for the purpose of attending class, so a classroom ban would prevent them from carrying their guns at all.
  但是弗 伍兹召集的特别小组认为课堂上禁止枪支这件事走得太远了。许多学生来到学校只是为了上课,所以禁止枪支进入教室将阻止他们携带枪支。
  The task force considered setting up storage areas for guns, but decided that would pose too much of a security risk or chance for accidental firings.
  特别小※※※※ 组考虑设置枪支存储区域,但是认为这将极大的增加安全风险或意外开火的机会。
  The dorm ban is different. State leaders, including Attorney General Ken Paxton, have argued that guns should be allowed in student housing, too. But the task force reached a different conclusion, saying few of the people old enough to have a concealed handgun license — you have to be 21 to obtain one in Texas — actually live in dorms.
  宿舍禁 令不同于教室。州领导人,包括司法部长肯·帕克斯顿已经表示,学生管理处也应该允许携带枪支。但是特别小组得到一个不同的结论,称几乎没有人达到能够拥有一个携带隐蔽枪支的许可证的年龄——在德克萨斯州你必须到了 21岁才能获得 ——事实上是住在宿舍里。
  Fenves’s rules are likely to be challenged by both sides. McRaven predicted earlier this year that his schools will be sued by people who think the guidelines are too strict or too lenient.
  弗伍兹 的细则很可能受到两方面的挑战。McRaven在今年年初 预计,他的学校将会被那些认为指导方针太严格或太宽大的人起诉。
  The law goes into effect Aug. 1.
  这条法 律将于8.1生效
  “Since this is a new law with an unknown effect on UT-Austin, we will monitor implementation and its impact on students, faculty members and staffers,” Fenves wrote to McRaven.
  弗伍兹 写给McRaven的信中说, “由于这是一条新的法律,不知道将会对奥斯丁分校产生什么影响,我们将监控其实施和对学生、教职人员和工人的影响。”
  “I have significant concerns about how the law will affect our ability to recruit and retain faculty members and students. If problems develop, we will work to understand the causes and make adjustments to the policies, rules and practices, consistent with the law.”
  “我非 常关心这条法律将会如何影响我们招收和维系教职人员和学生。如果产生问题,我们将会努力找到原因并作出调整,使其与政策、细则和实施方法始终保持一致。”

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