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双语新闻: 再创历史!菲尔普斯力斩第21金

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青岛希尼尔翻译公司( www.)2016年8月12日了解到:Michael Phelps sat alone, thoroughly exhausted.

迈克尔·菲 尔普斯独自坐着,完全精疲力 竭。

He put his head in his hands and then motioned at his neck as though he had nothing left to give.

他双手抱头 ,然后动动脖 子,仿佛他一无 所有。

No need.


His work was done.

他的比赛刚 结束了。

He had his 20th and 21st gold medals.

他赢得了自 己的第20和第21枚金牌。

Phelps made up for one of the rare losses in his brilliant career by winning the 200-metre butterfly, a triumph that sent him climbing into the stands to kiss his three-month-old son Boomer.

菲尔普斯赢 得200米蝶泳的胜 利,弥补了他传奇的职业生涯中罕见的遗憾之一。取得胜利后,他爬上看台,亲吻自己三个月大的儿子布默。

An hour later, he returned to take what amounted to nothing more than a triumphant victory lap in anchoring the 4x200 freestyle relay, the crowd’s deafening roar growing louder with every stroke.

一个小时后 ,他又重返参加4x200自由泳接力 的比赛,并再次拿下胜利。随着他每次的划水,观众的叫喊声愈加震耳欲聋。

This was another performance for the ages, but Phelps has done it so many times that nothing else would have been fitting.

这是这个时 代又一场伟大的表演,但菲尔普斯已经做过很多次,没有其他任 何东西可以与之匹配。

It came on a night that American teammate Katie Ledecky picked up her second gold of the Rio Olympics on the way to what could be a historic run of her own in the pool.

比赛的同一 晚,菲尔普斯的美国游泳队队友凯蒂·莱德基在自己历史性的游泳赛程中,取得自己在里约奥运会的第二枚金牌。

Phelps now has 25 medals in all, and three more races in Rio to add to his almost unimaginable total.

菲尔普斯现 在一共取得25枚奖牌,接下来的三 项比赛可能将奖牌总数增加到难以想象的数量。

The 200m fly was the one he really wanted, and it showed.

200米蝶泳是他 真正想拿下的项目,而结果也证实了。

With challengers all around, Phelps simply wouldn’t be denied.

挑战者们比 比皆是,菲尔普斯也不容否定。

After touching the wall first - by a mere four-hundredths of a second - he held up one finger.

在第一个触 壁—以0.04秒的微弱优 势险胜之后,他竖起一根手指。

Then he sat on a lane rope, egging on the roaring crowd at the Olympic Aquatics Centre with both hands, before emphatically pumping his fist.

然后他坐在 分道线上,双手向奥林 匹克水上运动中心呐喊的人群挥动, 之后手握成 拳,用力挥舞。

Tears welled in his eyes during the medal ceremony - until somebody in the crowd cracked him up.

在颁奖仪式 现场,泪水在他的 眼睛打转,直到人群中有人让他破涕为笑。

Then, during the customary stroll around the pool to pose for photographers, Phelps broke ranks and bounded into the stands to plant a kiss on Boomer, the son who symbolises just how much Phelps’ life has changed since a second drunken-driving arrest two years ago.

然后,在泳 池周围习惯性的闲逛拍照时间,菲尔普斯越过人群,跳进看台亲吻他的儿子布默,儿子象征着自从两年前菲尔普斯二次酒驾被捕后,他的生活发生了多么大的改变。

Four years ago, Phelps mistimed his finish in the wind-milling stroke he does better than anyone, gliding to the wall a little too long after his final whirl of the arms.

四年前,菲 尔普斯在200米蝶泳比赛 中一路领先,在他游出最后一划后,他试图完成滑行触壁,不料错过时机,游到泳池壁的时间有点长。

That allowed Chad le Clos of South Africa to stunningly win gold in an event that Phelps had dominated for the better part of a decade.

这使得来自 南非的游泳运动员查德·勒·克洛斯令人震惊在这一项目上赢得金牌,而这一项目菲尔普斯在过去的10年一直占主 导。

But the South African could only manage fourth this time.

但是今天南 非只能位列第四。

The relay was much less dramatic.

接力赛没有 这么戏剧化。

He was handed a commanding lead and spent the next 100 seconds or so soaking up the cheers.

在他接棒时 ,美国队已经遥遥领先,他入水的大约100秒完全吸引 了全场的欢呼。

But let’s not forget two other very impressive swimmers.

但是不要忘 记另两名令人印象深刻的游泳运动员。

Ledecky took the most challenging step toward a feat that’s only been done one other time, holding off Sweden’s Sarah Sjostrom to win the 200m freestyle.

莱德基又一 次完成最具挑战性的壮举,力败瑞典的萨拉·索斯特伦从而赢得了200米自由泳的 比赛。

Debbie Meyer is the only female swimmer to capture the three longest freestyle events at a single Olympics, winning the 200m, 400m and 800m at Mexico City in 1968.

黛比·梅耶 在1968年的墨西哥 城奥运会上赢得了自由泳200米、400米和800米的胜利, 是唯一一位在一届奥运会自由泳最长距离比赛中三连冠的女选手。

Ledecky looks like a lock to match Meyer, having already won the 200m and 400m titles and an overwhelming favourite in the 800m.

莱德基看起 来和梅耶完美的配合,她已经赢得 了200米和400米比赛的冠 军,相信800米也是势在 必得。

Katinka Hosszu is having quite an Olympics, too.

卡汀卡·霍 斯祖也在奥运会中大放异彩。

The Hungarian known as the "Iron Lady" earned her third gold medal of these games with a victory in the 200 individual medley.

这位在匈牙 利被称为“铁娘子”的游泳运动员在200米个人混合 泳中夺冠,收获本次奥运会的个人第三枚金牌。

This has been an Olympic of redemption for Hosszu, a long-time star at the world championships who always seemed to come up short on the biggest stage.

这对霍斯祖 来说似乎是一次弥补的奥运会,她在世界锦标赛上长期占居鳌头,但在体育最高赛事奥运会上却往往战绩不佳。

Not anymore.

再也不会了 。

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