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双语新闻:    2016年度FT管理硕士排 行榜出炉

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青岛希尼尔翻译公司( www.)2016年9月13日了解到:The University of St Gallen’s domination of the Financial Times’ ranking of masters in management courses continues for another year.

瑞士圣加伦 大学(St Gallen)今年继续在 英国《金融时报》2016年管理学硕 士(MiM)全球排行榜 上蝉联冠军。

The Swiss school came top of the list of 90 best masters programmes worldwide in 2016, winning its sixth consecutive crown.

这家瑞士学 校在2016年全球90个最佳管理 学硕士项目中荣登榜首,连续6年夺冠。

France’s HEC Paris and Essec Business School remained second and third, respectively, for the third year running.

法国的巴黎 高等商学院(HEC Paris)和法国高等 经济商业学院(Essec Business School)连续第三年 分列第二和第三。

The 2016 ranking features a record 90 programmes, up from 70 in 2014.

今年的排行 榜包括90个管理学硕 士项目,创历来最高纪录,多于2015年的80个。

The ranking is based on data collected from two surveys: one of the participating business schools and the other of alumni who graduated three years ago — the class of 2013.

这个排行榜 是依据两项调查收集的数据编制的:一项调查针对参与排名的商学院,另一项针对这些商学院在3年前毕业的 校友(即2013届学员)。

The ranking is in part based on how successful alumni have been in their careers, as reflected in the salary data.

排名部分基 于校友们在职场上的成功程度,衡量标准为薪资数据。

The average salary of St Gallen’s alumni jumped to $102,000 three years after graduation compared with $90,000 last year.

圣加伦大学 校友在毕业3年后的平均 年薪增至10.2万美元,去 年这个数字为9万美元。

It is the thirdhighest overall behind the two Indian management academies at Ahmedabad and Bangalore, with respective salaries of $109,000 and $106,000.

该学校在这 个指标上位列全球第三,排在位于艾哈迈德巴德和班加罗尔的两所印度管理学院之后,这两所学校校友的平均薪资分别为10.9万美元和10.6万美元。

The school ranks first for alumni satisfaction.

圣加伦大学 在校友满意度方面排名居首。

We were forced to leave our comfort zone but were rewarded with unique experiences, says one graduate.

一名校友表 示:我们被迫远离了安逸,但获得了独特的体验。

Overall, St Gallen’s alumni report a 95 per cent satisfaction level, 2 percentage points more than the alumni from London Business School and WHU Beisheim.

该学校校友 的总体满意度为95%,比伦敦商 学院(London Business School)和德国WHU奥拓贝森管 理研究院(WHU Beisheim)高出两个百 分点。

Other high points for the school include being first for alumni international mobility, second for international experience and third for job placement.

圣加伦大学 其他单项高分包括在校友国际流动性方面排名第一,在国际体验方面屈居亚军,在就业安置方面排名第三。

Elsewhere, Stockholm School of Economics was a big winner, climbing 16 places to 28, not only recording the best year-on-year progression but also recovering from a drop of 11 places last year.

斯德哥尔摩 经济学院(Stockholm School of Economics)是今年排行 榜上的大赢家,该学校的排名攀升16个位次,排 在第28位,不仅排 名晋升速度为年度最快,而且扭转了去年排名下滑11位的局面。

Meanwhile, La Rochelle Business School dropped 12 places to 60 having been last year’s highest climber.

与此同时, 法国拉罗谢尔高等商学院(La Rochelle Business School)的排名却下 滑12个位置,排 在第60位,去年该 学校是排名上升最快的学校之一。

Nova School of Business and Economics consolidated last year’s strong performance by climbing a further 14 places to 17.

葡萄牙诺瓦 商业与经济学院(Nova School of Business and Economics)巩固了去年 的强劲表现,排名进一步攀升14个位置,排 在了第17位。

The Portuguese school has risen 31 places over the past two years since its International Master in Management course was first included in the ranking.

自该学校的 国际管理学硕士(International Master in Management)项目首次被 纳入榜单以来,该学校的排名在过去两年上升31个位置。

It has now entered the top 20 for the first time.

今年,该学 校首次跻身前20强。

While heavily dominated by French and English schools, accounting for 44 per cent of the table, the ranking is more diverse than ever with schools from 25 countries.

尽管榜单上 以法国和英国学校居多,占全部上榜学校的44%,但今年的 排行榜比以往任何时候都更多元化,上榜学校来自25个国家。

Notably, among the nine schools ranked for the first time, WP Carey School of Business at the Arizona State University is the first US institution to take part in the ranking, having entered at 82.

引人注目的 是,在首次上榜的9所学校中, 亚利桑那州立大学(Arizona State University)的WP凯瑞商学院 (WP Carey School of Business)成为首次参 与此项排名的美国学校,排在第82位。

The highest newly ranked school is Université Paris-Dauphine at 57.

新上榜学校 中排名最高的是巴黎第九大学(Université Paris-Dauphine),排在第57位。

Unlike MBAs, masters in management are targeted at those at the beginning of their career.

与工商管理 硕士(MBA)不同,管理 学硕士项目针对的是尚未进入职场或者初入职场的人士。

They are typically designed for students with an average age of 22.

这些项目一 般是为平均年龄22岁的学员设 计的。

About 60 per cent have not yet worked and a further 30 per cent have less than two years’ experience.

约60%的学员尚未 参加工作,另有30%的学员拥有 不到两年的工作经验。

When many millennials struggle to find jobs or make do in low-skilled positions, these masters programmes achieve strong employment rates thanks to their links with corporate partners and alumni networks.

当很多千禧 一代很难找到工作或在低技能岗位上将就时,凭着项目本身与公司合作伙伴的联系以及校友网络,这些管理学硕士项目的毕业生获得了很高的就业率。

More than 90 per cent of alumni from the most recent graduating classes accepted a job offer within three months of completing their programme.

在最新毕业 的这届校友中,超过90%在结束项目 后的3个月内接受 了工作邀请。

The school’s network was vital in helping me find a job in one of the most prestigious companies worldwide, says one graduate from Rotterdam School of Management. The company was a corporate partner so I basically received the job application in my mailbox.

我在世界最 知名的公司之一找到了一份工作,对此学校的关系网络起到了重要的作用,鹿特丹管理学院(Rotterdam School of Management)一名毕业生 表示,这家公司是学校的一个公司合作伙伴,因此我基本上是在我的邮箱收到工作申请书的。

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