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希尼尔 译公司(www..cn)2017年8月4日了解 :Armenian-based startup Volterman has recently unveiled a smart wallet that takes security to the extreme. It comes with a built-in alarm system, a GPS tracker, and even a front facing camera that takes photos of whoever tries to open it, and sends them to the owner.

总部位 亚美尼亚的新兴企业Volterman近日发 了一款无比安全的智能钱包,这款钱包内置有报警系统、全球定位追踪器,甚至还有一个前置摄像头可以拍下任何打开钱包的人的照片,并将照片发送 给钱包的主人。
Wallets almost seem obsolete in this digital age, but the Volterman Smart Wallet is not your average wallet. Apart from the screen, it packs about as much technology as your smartphone, including 512MB of RAM, a built-in camera, power bank, GPS tracker, alarm system, RFID protection and even Wi-FI hotspot capabilities. It may look like a simple leather wallet on the outside, but it’s a whole different beast on the inside.
钱包在 个数字时代看起来似乎已经过时了,但是Volterman智能钱 可不是普通的钱包。除了没有屏幕之外,这款钱包浓缩的技术和你的智能手机一样多,包括512兆的内 、一个内置摄像头、移动电源、全球定位追踪器、报警系统、射频识别保护,甚至无线热点功能。也许它表面上看起来只是一个简单的皮包,但是里面 却大有乾坤。
One of the main features of the Volterman Smart Wallet is the distance-sensitive alarm system. Once you’ve paired the stylish card holder with your smartphone, every time the distance between phone and wallet goes over a certain threshold, an alarm will notify you, so you don’t accidentally leave it behind. The cool thing about this system is that it works both ways. If you forget your phone somewhere, the wallet alarm goes off, letting you know that its best friend is missing.
Volterman智能钱 的一个主要功能就是可感知距离的报警系统。一旦你将这款时尚钱包与你的智能手机配对,每次手机和钱包的距离超过一定数值,手机就会发出警报来 通知你,以免你意外遗失钱包。这个系统最酷的一点是双向运作。如果你把手机忘在某个地方,钱包也同样会发出警报,让你知道它最好的朋友不见了
Then there’s the GPS tracker that allows you to locate the wallet anywhere in the world, an RFID protection system designed to prevent electronic pick-pocketing or RFID skimming. Credit cards, some passports and driver licenses now come with radio frequency identification chips that thieves can clone, but the Volterman Smart Wallet prevents that.
此外, 论你的钱包去了世界哪个角落,全球定位追踪器都能帮你找到它。射频识别保护系统可以防止电子扒手或射频黑客读取数据。信用卡、部分护照和驾照 自带的无线频率识别芯片都可能被小偷复制,但Volterman智能钱 可以防止这一情况的发生。
The high-tech accessory also comes with a built-in power bank (2,000mAh to 5,000mAh capacity) which provides wireless charging on the go, Bluetooth 5.0 technology, and a built-in WiFi Hotspot, which provides Internet roaming service in 98 countries at prices 10 times less than that of standard roaming.
这个高 技钱包还内置了移动电源(电池容量2000到5000毫安时 ,能在行走时进行无线充电。钱包配备的蓝牙5.0技术和 置无线热点可以为你提供98个国家 互联网漫游服务,价格比标准漫游费低10倍。
But perhaps the most unusual feature of the Volterman Smart Wallet is the built-in front-facing camera. When in “lost mode”, the wallet will take pictures whenever someone tries to open it and send them to the owner by connecting to the internet. This feature is listed as optional, so would-be customers concerned about privacy issues needn’t be worried.
不过,Volterman智能钱 最独特的功能大概就是它的前置摄像头了。当进入“丢失模式”后,钱包就会拍下任何试图打开它的人的照片,并将照片通过网络发送给主人。这个功 能是可选的,所以有隐私方面顾虑的潜在顾客不必担心。
“If someone dares to open your wallet without your knowledge, the little camera will take a picture and send it to your mobile phone,” said Azat Tovmasyan, founder of Volterman. “We have developed a wallet, which does not get lost. Once your wallet is stolen, you will find it easily by receiving the picture of the thief.”
“如果 人敢在你不知情的情况下打开钱包,小摄像头就会拍下照片,发送到你的手机。” Volterman公司的 始人阿扎特?托夫马 岩说,“我们研发出了一款永不丢失的钱包。一旦你的手机被偷,你可以通过接收小偷的照片,轻而易举地找回来。”
世界最 全钱包:报警定 摄像三合一.jpg

Volterman recently started a crowdfunding campaign for the smart wallet, on Indiegogo. They were aiming for a $45,000 goal, but, with 6 days left until deadline, the campaign has already raised over $696,000 from over 4,800 backers. The wallet is expected to start shipping in December.

Volterman公司近 在Indiegogo网站上 这款智能钱包发起了众筹活动。他们的目标是4.5万美元 但是,在距离截止日期还有6天的时 ,该活动就已经从4800名支持 那里筹集到了超69.6万美元 这款钱包预计将于12月发货
Azat said that he came up with the idea for this high-tech wallet two years ago, when his daughter hid his wallet behind the stove and he spent over a month getting his lost documents reissued. That’s when he started thinking about a Bluetooth-enabled wallet, but found that they had limited tracking range. So he ended up creating what many are calling the most advanced wallet ever.
阿扎特 ,他在两年前想出了这个高科技钱包的主意,当时他的女儿把他的钱包藏在了火炉后面,他花了一个多月的时间才把自己丢失的证件重新办理好。那时 候他开始考虑研发一个蓝牙钱包,但发现其追踪范围有限。最后他就创造出了这款被许多人称为有史以来最先进的钱包。

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