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(双语 闻)超百万英国人签字请愿第二次脱欧公投

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希尼尔 译公司(www..cn)2016年6月27日了解 :A petition calling for a second referendum on UK’s membership of the EU has gained more than one million signatures following the vote to leave.

在英国 欧公投后,一份呼吁二次公投的请愿书获得了超过一百万人的签名。

The petition will be considered by Parliament as it has passed the required 100,000 threshold.

只要请 书获得超过十万人签名就将接受议会审议。

The UK voted to leave the EU by 52% to 48% in Thursday’s referendum but the majority of voters in London, Scotland and Northern Ireland backed Remain.

在上周 的全民公投中,英国以52%比48%的投票 选择离开欧盟,但伦敦,苏格兰和北爱尔兰的大多数选民支持留在欧盟。

David Cameron has previously said there would be no second referendum.

卡梅伦 前曾表示将不会有第二次公投。

On Friday he said he would stand down as prime minister by October following the leave result.

上周五 欧结果出炉后,他说他将在十月份辞去首相职务。

’Accept that decision’

“接受 个决定”

The petition, set up by William Oliver Healey, states: "We the undersigned call upon HM Government to implement a rule that if the Remain or Leave vote is less than 60%, based on a turnout less than 75%, there should be another referendum."

这份由 廉·奥利弗·希利起草的请愿书宣称:“我们签名呼吁英国政府实施既定规则,如果留欧或脱欧方票数少于60%,总投 率低于75%,则应 举行第二次公投。”

Thursday saw a 72.2% turnout, significantly higher than the 66.1% turnout at last year’s general election, but below the 75% mark suggested by Mr Healey as a threshold.

上周四 投票率为72.2%,明显 于去年大选66.1%的投票 ,但是低于希利先生提出的75%的临界 。

The Scottish independence referendum in 2014 had a turnout of 84.6% - but there has not been a turnout above 75% at any general election since 1992.

2014年苏格 独立公投的投票率为84.6%,但自1992以来, 有任何一次大选投票率在75%以上。

The petition site temporarily went down following "exceptionally high volumes of simultaneous users on a single petition, significantly higher than on any previous occasion", a House of Commons spokeswoman said.

该请愿 站由于“特别高的用户量在同一时间涌入同一请愿书,显着高于以前的任何场合”暂时下线,下议院发言人说。

However, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn rejected the idea of a second referendum.

然而, 党领袖杰瑞米·科尔宾否决了第二次全民公决的想法。

He said: "The referendum has taken place, a decision has been made. I think we have got to accept that decision and work out our relationship with Europe in the future."

他说: 公投已经发生,人们已经作出了决定。我认为我们必须接受这一决定,并处理与欧洲的未来关系。”

UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who has campaigned for the UK to leave the EU throughout his political career, said in May that a narrow win for Remain could cause unstoppable demand for a rerun of the referendum.

英国独 党领袖奈吉尔·法拉杰的整个政治生涯都在谋求英国脱离欧盟。他在5月份表 ,如果留欧派险胜,则很可能不可阻挡地引起第二次公投。

But Mr Cameron has said the referendum was a "once in a generation, once in a lifetime" decision, saying the UK had "referendums not neverendums".

但卡梅 表示,公投是“一代人一生只有一次”的决定,并称英国将“不会有第二次公投”。

The parliamentary petitions system is overseen by the Petitions Committee, which considers whether petitions that receive more than 100,000 signatures should be raised in the House of Commons and debated.

议会的 愿系统由请愿委员会监督,该委员会将考虑有超过十万个签名的请愿书是否应该在下议院提出和讨论。

The committee is due to sit again on Tuesday.

该委员 将于本周二再次开庭。

In a separate petition more than 100,000 people have called on London Mayor Sadiq Khan to declare the English capital independent from the UK and apply to join the EU.

在一份 独的请愿书中,有超过十万人呼吁伦敦市长萨迪克·汗宣布英国首都从英国独立出来并申请加入欧盟。

The page, set up by James O’Malley, states: "London is an international city, and we want to remain at the heart of Europe.

由詹姆 ·欧麦立起草的请愿书声称:“伦敦是一个国际化的城市,我们想要保持欧洲中心地位。”

"Let’s face it - the rest of the country disagrees. So rather than passive aggressively vote against each other at every election, let’s make the divorce official and move in with our friends on the continent."

“让我 面对事实-这个国 的其余地区不同意这一观点。因此与其在每次选举中被动地激烈地投票反对其他人,不如让我们与官方离婚,同我们大陆上的朋友们同居。”

Mr Khan has said he has no doubt London would "continue to be the successful city" but called for the UK to remain part of the single market.

萨迪克 示,他对伦敦将“继续成为成功的城市”这一点毫无疑虑,但呼吁英国仍然作为统一市场的一部分留下来。

Former London Mayor Boris Johnson, one of the leading Leave campaigners and the bookmakers’ odds-on favourite to succeed David Cameron, has insisted the UK is not "turning its back" on Europe.

前伦敦 长,脱欧阵营的领导人物,赌场下注接替卡梅伦的热门人选鲍里斯·约翰逊坚称,英国并没有“背弃”欧洲。

He said the decision would not make the UK any less tolerant or outward looking and would not reduce opportunities for young people.

他表示 个决定并不会使得英国变得不宽容,眼界不开放,也不会减少给年轻人的机会。


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