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(双语 闻)美韩部署“萨德”应对朝鲜,中方表示强烈不满

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希尼尔 译公司(www..cn)2016年7月11日了解 :The US and South Korea have agreed to deploy a controversial missile defence system, in the wake of intensifying threats from North Korea.

美国和 国决意部署一个有争议的导弹防御系统,以应对朝鲜逐渐加强的威胁。

The Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) anti-missile system will be deployed solely to counter the threat from Pyongyang, a statement said.


It is unclear exactly where it will be sited and who will have final control.

安置位 以及由谁控制目前仍不清楚。

Discussions began in February after North Korea fired a long range missile, but China has consistently objected.

在二月 鲜发射一枚远程导弹后讨论就开始了,但中国一直反对。

The THAAD system would be able to detect North Korean missiles and shoot them down, but China says it would seriously damage the security interests of countries in the region.

萨德系 能够检测朝鲜导弹,并将它们打下来,但中国说这将为该区域国家的安全利益带来严重损害。

What is the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense System (THAAD)?

什么是 段高空区域防御系统(萨德)?

Shoots down short- and medium-range ballistic missiles in the terminal phase of their flight

在飞行 端阶段击落短程和中远程弹道导弹

Uses hit-to-kill technology - where kinetic energy destroys the incoming warhead


Has a range of 200km and can reach an altitude of 150km

可发射 围200千米, 射高度达150千米。

US has previously deployed it in Guam and Hawaii as a measure against potential attacks from North Korea

美国此 曾在关岛和夏威夷部署,以应对来自朝鲜的潜在攻击。

How the Thaad works?

萨德系 如何运作?

萨德如 运作_Daily Mail

1. The enemy launches a missile

1.敌方发 导弹

2.The Thaad radar system detects the launch, which is relayed to command and control

2.萨德检 到发射,传送到指挥和控制中心

3. Thaad command and control instructs the launch of an interceptor missile

3.萨德指 与控制中心指导拦截导弹的发射

4. The interceptor missile is fired at the enemy projectile

4.向敌人 导弹发射拦截导弹

5. The enemy projectile is destroyed in the terminal phase of flight

5.敌方导 在飞行末端被拦截

The launcher trucks can hold up to eight interceptor missiles.

发射卡 可以装载8枚拦截 弹。

发射卡 _最新英语新

"China expresses strong dissatisfaction and resolute objection to this", its foreign ministry said in a statement on its website.

“中国 此表示强烈不满和坚决反对”,中国外交部部长在网站发表声明说。

The BBC’s Korea Correspondent Stephen Evans says that Beijing fears the system’s radars would be able to see far into its territory. China, the North’s closest ally, supported the most recent UN sanctions after North Korean nuclear and missile tests.

BBC韩国记 Stephen Evans说北京 心这个系统的雷达可以监测它的领地。中国,朝鲜最紧密的盟友,在朝鲜核、导弹试验后支持了最近的联合国制裁。

"South Korea and the US have made the joint decision to deploy the THAAD system as part of a defensive action to guarantee the security of the Republic of Korea," South Korea’s Defence Ministry said on Friday.

“韩国 美国共同决定部署萨德系统,以作为保证韩国安全的防御措施,”韩国国防部星期五表示。

It will be deployed "as soon as possible."

它将被 尽快”部署。

THAAD is "critical" to the US’ defensive strategy, Lt. Gen Thomas S. Vandal of the US Eighth Army in South Korea told AP. He added that the North’s pursuit of weapons of mass destruction required that the allies made sure that they could defend themselves.

位于韩 的美国第八军中尉Gen Thomas S. Vandal说萨德 美国“关键的”的防御战略。他还补充说,朝鲜一心追逐大规模杀伤性武器,盟军需要确保能够保卫自己。

The announcement comes after North Korea denounced US sanctions on Kim Jong-un, calling it an "open declaration of war", after the leader was accused of human rights abuses.

该声明 美国指控金正恩侵害人权并对其制裁,朝鲜回应说这是“公开宣战”后宣布。

The US had put sanctions onto the leader for the first time, calling him directly responsible for violations in his country.

美国第 次对领导人实施制裁,称金正恩直接对自己国家的侵犯行为负责。

Pyongyang has warned that it will close down all diplomatic channels with the US unless the blacklisting is revoked, reported news agency Yonhap.

平壤发 警告说要关闭所有与美国的外交渠道,除非美国撤销列黑名单,韩国新闻社Yonhap报道说

平壤发 警告_英语新 网

The measures freeze any property the individuals have in the US and prevent US citizens doing business with them.

这项措 冻结了朝鲜人在美国的所有财产,并阻止美国公民与他们做生意。

"Under Kim Jong-un, North Korea continues to inflict intolerable cruelty and hardship on millions of its own people, including extrajudicial killings, forced labour, and torture," the Treasury statement said.

“在金 恩的领导下,朝鲜继续为自己数百万的人民带来难以忍受的残酷和艰难,包括法外处决、强迫劳动、和折磨,”财政部的声明说。

It estimates that between 80,000 and 120,000 prisoners are being held in North Korean prison camps where torture, sexual assault and executions are routine.

据估计 8万到12万名囚 被关押在朝鲜战俘集中营,酷刑、性侵犯和处决都是家常便饭。
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