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印尼现 见日全食奇观:变6个月亮 中英双语)

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希尼尔 译公司(www..cn)2016年3月10日了解 :The eclipse began at 06:19 local time (23:19 GMT Tuesday) as the Moon started to pass directly in front of the Sun.

本次印 日全食开始于当地时间9日上午6点19分(北 时间上午7点19分), 时月亮刚好位于太阳和地球的中间。

As the eclipse reached totality, the Moon blocked all direct sunlight, turning day into night.

当月球 全挡住太阳光,就会发生日全食,白天瞬间进入黑夜。

In Indonesia’s Belitung province, a crowd gathered on a beach and witnesses spoke of a "magical" experience.

在印尼 里洞省,人群聚集在海滩上,见证这一景观的人嘴里不断说着“太神奇了”。

The eclipse was total in Indonesia and the Central Pacific, while parts of Australia and Asia experienced a partial one.

在印尼 太平洋中部地区的人们能见到日全食,而澳大利亚和亚洲一些地区则能见到日偏食。

Astronomers reiterated advice not to look directly at the Sun with the naked eye, or through a telescope. Experts recommended using either a professional solar filter in front of a telescope or camera, or special eclipse-viewing glasses.

天文学 不断建议观众勿用肉眼或透过望远镜观看太阳。专家推荐可在望远镜或相机前放置专业的滤光片,或是佩戴特殊的观看日全食的眼镜。

The total eclipse began at 00:15 GMT, with the moment of maximum shadow at 01:59 GMT. The celestial event will end at sunset, local time, north of Hawaii (04:34 GMT).

本次日 食开始于北京时间上午8点15分,最 阴影的时刻是在北京时间上午9点59分。这 的天体活动将会结束于夏威夷北部,当地的日落时分。

印尼日 食_英语新

People watch the solar eclipse on Olivier beach, Belitung

在勿里 奥利维耶海滩,人们正在观看日全食

印尼日 食_双语新

Cambodia was among the Asian countries that saw a partial eclipse

亚洲的 些国家,如柬埔寨,也能见到日偏食。

印尼日 食_泰晤士

Viewers were advised to wear special glasses before looking at the sun

观看之 ,观赏者带上专家建议的特殊眼镜

印尼日 食_华尔街 报

In Indonesia, crowds gathered at viewing points to witness the eclipse as it happened

在印尼 聚集的人群在见证日食奇观

What was the eclipse like? Ging Ginanjar, BBC Indonesian

日食究 是怎样的呢?BBC驻印尼 者 Ging Ginanjar报道。

Belitung, Indonesia, was one of the best places to view the total solar eclipse.

印尼勿 洞,是本次观赏日全食最好的地方之一。

From before dawn, about 200 people gathered at Olivier beach to watch. About 30 foreigners were in the crowd, travelling from Australia and Europe to see it.

凌晨, 有近200人聚集 奥利维尔海滩等待观看。其中就有30名是来 澳大利亚或欧洲的外国游客。

One of them was Wilma from Holland, who is a solar eclipse hunter and has seen the solar eclipse five times. She said that when the eclipse started an overwhelming feeling of peace came over her and she heard no sounds. It was a magical experience she said.

威尔玛 来自荷兰的一名游客,她是日食的追随者,已经五次见过日食现象。她说,当日食开始之时,她整个人的内心一片祥和,她听不到任何声音。这真是一 段奇妙的经历,她说。

When the solar eclipse started the crowd cheered and then went silent in awe. People were taking photos while others just watched in amazement. Then when it finished people clapped quietly. It was an incredible experience, our correspondent said.

当日食 始时,人群开始欢呼起来,然后是一种敬畏的沉默。当有些人沉浸在惊讶中之时,另一些人用相机记录下这一奇观。当日全食结束时,人们安静地鼓掌 。这是一次令人难以置信的经历,我们的记者说。

Across the island other people prayed in mosques, churches and temples.

在勿里 岛上,还有一些人在教堂或寺庙祈祷。

Who can see what in this eclipse?

哪些人 见到本次日食呢?

Because the eclipse path crosses the International Date Line, in the local time zones it begins on Wednesday 9 March and ends on Tuesday 8 March.

由于日 路径跨越国际日期变更线,本次日食开始于出现地时间3月9日(周 ),结束于消失地时间3月8日(周 )。

印尼日 食_中国日

This map shows the path of the eclipse, which will travel from west to east

这张地 显示了本次日食的路径,它将从西往东移动。

People along a 150km-wide strip running through Sumatra, Borneo and Sulawesi - the path of eclipse totality - experienced the eclipse for about four hours on Wednesday morning.

日食整 的路径 ——始 苏门答腊,经婆罗洲和苏拉威西——跨越150千米宽 路带,而这一线上的人们在周三上午能见到约4小时的 食现象。

In Maba, Maluku Islands, there was darkness for about three minutes - the longest time in Indonesia. Other areas experienced blackout or darkness for about two minutes.

在马坝 马鲁古群岛,有三分钟的时间都陷入黑暗中——是印尼历经黑暗最长的时间。其他地区也经历了约两分钟的黑暗时间。

Skywatchers in southern China, south-east Asia, Australia, Hawaii and Alaska experienced a partial eclipse when the Moon’s penumbra - the outer region of the shadow - catches them. This looks as if a chunk of the Sun has been blacked out.

在中国 部,东南亚,澳洲,夏威夷和阿拉斯加等地区,天文观察者也见到了日偏食,此时月球的半影——阴影的外部区域 ——被 住了。这看起来好像太阳的一大块变黑了。

For eclipse watchers outside these regions, a number of astronomy institutes hostedlive streams of the event.

对于其 地区的日食观察者们,也可以观看一些天文协会对本次现象的直播。

What are scientists looking for?

科学家 在寻找什么呢?

Scientists at Nasa said they planned to use the event to study solar physics.

美国宇 局的科学家说,他们计划利用该事件来研究太阳物理学。

From Indonesia, they will use an instrument called a polarization camera to capture 59 exposures of the Sun in just over three minutes, collecting data on the innermost parts of the sun’s volatile, superheated atmosphere.

在印尼 他们将使用偏振相机来捕捉在三分钟之内太阳的59次现身 收集太阳内部的波动以及过热大气层数据。

印尼日 食_BBC

This region can only be observed during total solar eclipses when the Sun’s bright face is completely blocked by the Moon.

而这片 域只有在出现日全食时,也就是太阳的亮面完全被月球挡住时,才能被观察到。

The lower part of the sun’s atmosphere, the corona, is thought to hold the keys to several solar mysteries, including the birth of explosive clouds of solar material called coronal mass ejections and the mystery of why the corona is actually hotter than the surface.

太阳的 气层和日冕的下部被认为是揭开太阳奥秘的关键,这些奥秘包括:一种被称为日冕物质抛射的太阳物质的爆炸云的诞生,以及为什么日冕实际上比太阳 表面更热。

"The Sun’s atmosphere is where the interesting physics is," said Nelson Reginald, from Nasa’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland.

“太阳 大气层是有趣的物理研究对象,”尼尔森雷金纳德,来自美国宇航局戈达德太空飞行中心尼尔森·雷金纳德说。

The most recent total solar eclipse took place in the far northern hemisphere on 20 March 2015.

最近的 次日全食于2015年3月20日发生 遥远的北半球。

印尼日 食_BBC news

The European Space Agency’s Proba-2 satellite caught this view of the March 2015 eclipse

欧洲太 总署卫星Praba-2记录下 2015年3月的日 食
来源:BBC News


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