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双语新闻: 谷歌面临欧洲反垄断创记录罚款

青岛希尼尔 翻译咨询有限公司(www.)整理发布   2017-06-20


青岛希尼尔翻译公司( www.)2017年6月20日了解到:The European Union’s antitrust watchdog in the coming weeks is set to hit Alphabet’s Google with a record fine for manipulating its search results to favor its own comparison-shopping service, according to people familiar with the matter.

据知情人士 透露,由于谷歌为了支持自己的比较购物服务而操纵搜索结果,未来几周欧盟的反垄断监管机构将对其收取创纪录的罚款。

The penalty against Google is expected to top the EU’s previous record fine levied on a company allegedly abusing its dominance: 1.06 billion euros ($1.18 billion) against Intel Corp. in 2009.

对谷歌的罚 款预计将超过欧盟此前对一家据称滥用其统治地位的公司征收的罚金:2009年度对英特 尔公司的10亿6000万欧元(11亿8000万美元)。

The fine could reach as high as 10% of the company’s yearly revenue which stood at $90.27 billion last year.

这一罚金可 能达到谷歌公司年收入的10%,其去年的 收入为902亿7000万美元。

But more painful to Google than a sizable fine could be other consequences that come with the European Commission’s decision, including changes not only to the tech giant’s business practices with its shopping service but with other services as well. The EU’s decision could also embolden private litigants to seek compensation for damages at national courts.

但对谷歌来 说,比一笔数额巨大的罚金更让人痛苦的是欧盟委员会的这项决定可能带来的其他后果,其不仅改变了科技巨头的购物业务惯例,也改变了其他业务。欧盟的决定也可以鼓励私人当事人在国家法院寻求损害赔偿。

The EU is likely to demand Google treat its own comparison shopping service equally with those of its competitors, such as Foundem.co.uk and Kelkoo.com, possibly requiring the search giant to make rival services more visible on its own platform than they are at present. Such companies rely on traffic to their site from search engines like Google’s.

欧盟可能要 求谷歌公平对待自己的比较购物服务和它的竞争对手,如Foundem.co.uk和Kelkoo.com,相较于目 前而言,可能要求谷歌增加其竞争对手的服务在谷歌搜索平台上出现的次数。诸如谷歌的搜索引擎这样依靠网站流量的公司。

The EU has been in talks with some of the complainants about how Google should change its search results, though any precise order would likely only be hammered out after a decision is announced.

欧盟已经在 讨论一些关于谷歌应改变搜索结果的投诉,虽然细节程序将可能只会在宣布后敲定。

Google general counsel Kent Walker has previously argued that forcing the company to place competitors’ product ads in its search results "would just subsidize sites that have become less useful for consumers." The regulator’s move would come as welcome relief to a range of web companies, large and small and both European and American, who have been urging the EU for years to take antitrust action against Google. News Corp, owner of The Wall Street Journal, has formally complained to the EU about Google’s conduct with its search service for news articles.

谷歌总法律 顾问Kent Walker认为,迫使 公司在其搜索结果中放置竞争对手的产品广告 “只会让网 站获利,而让其变得对消费者不那么有用”。不管是对于大的、小的,还是欧洲的和美国的公司,监管机构的此次行动会受这些多年来一直在敦促欧盟对谷歌采取反垄断行动的网络公司欢迎。华尔街日报的所有者 News Corp,正式向欧 盟投诉谷歌对于新闻报道的搜索。

The watchdog first opened its investigation into Google’s practices in 2010. The former competition commissioner Joaquín Almunia later engaged in more than two years of talks with Google to try to settle the case. But outcries from competitors, as well as from politicians in Germany and France, led the EU in 2014 to reject Google’s offers as insufficient.

2010年初,监管 部门开始调查谷歌的做法。前事务专员Joaquín Almunia后来和谷歌 进行了两年多案件的谈判。但其竞争对手和德、法两国政客们的不满,使得欧盟在2014年以不充分 为理由拒绝谷歌的提议。

That led the way for Mr. Almunia’s successor, current EU antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager, to become the first regulator to file formal accusations against Google in April 2015 when she issued a so-called "statement of objections" in the comparison shopping case. 。

这让Almunia先生的继任 者、目前欧盟反垄断专员Margrethe Vestager在2015年4月发布 “比较购物 ”案子的一个“异议声明”时成为第一个正式指控谷歌的监管者。

An EU decision against Google would set the regulator apart from authorities in the U.S. who closed their own investigation into Google’s search practices in 2013 after the company agreed to voluntary changes.

在谷歌同意 自愿改变后,美国当局于2013结束了对谷 歌搜索的调查。欧盟针对谷歌的决定将使监管机构脱离美国当局。

That European regulators decided to move against Google when their U.S. counterparts held back could in part reflect the company’s higher market share on the continent, where it captures about 90% of the search market.

欧洲监管机 构决定反对谷歌,因为它们的美国同行在一定程度上反映了该公司在欧洲大陆的高市场份额,占据了约90%的搜索市场 。

The EU’s shopping decision isn’t the end of the story for Google’s legal battle with the commission.

欧盟的决定 并不是谷歌与委员会的法律斗争的结局。

Google can appeal any decision by the European Commission to the bloc’s top courts in Luxembourg, dragging out the legal fight as a final ruling could still take years.

谷歌可以向 卢森堡最高法院对于欧盟委员会的任何决定提出上诉,最终裁决可能需要数年时间,因此会拖延法律斗争。

A decision in the shopping case could also create possible precedents for how the U.S. technology company operates in other domains, including with its local or travel services-areas the EU has also been investigating. Following its decision in the shopping case, the EU could decide to escalate investigations into the company’s behavior with its other specialized search services if Google doesn’t alter its behavior in the other services as well.

购物案中的 一项决定也可能为美国科技公司在其他领域的运作创造先例,包括其本地或旅行服务领域,欧盟也在调查。根据购物案例中的决定,如果谷歌不改变其在其他服务中的行为,欧盟可能决定对该公司其他专门搜索服务进行调查。

Other EU antitrust cases against Google over its Android mobile-operating service and its advertising service Adsense are also still open.

欧盟对谷歌 安卓移动操作服务及其广告服务AdSense的欧盟反垄 断案件也仍然开放。
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