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跨国技术许 可协议中英文翻译样本对照版

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WHEREAS, Licensor has developed and owns proprietary technology that significantly reduces greenhouse gas and other harmful emissions from coal burning power plants and factories, by developing a boiler that burns a mixture of coal and water in a liquid state, rather than a standard coal boiler that burns coal in a solid state;

鉴于,许可方已经 开发并拥有专有技术,可通过研发燃烧水煤浆的锅炉而非燃烧固体煤的标准燃煤锅炉,明显减少温室气体和燃煤电厂与工厂排放的其他有害气体;

WHEREAS, Licensee desires to commercialize the coal water mixture boiler in the United States; and

鉴于,被许可方欲 在美国销售水煤浆锅炉;

NOW, THEREFORE, for good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, and for the mutual covenants contained in this Agreement, the Parties hereby agree as follows:

因此,基于有效 的有价对价(双方特此承认收到该对价及其充分性)以及双方在本协议中做出的相互承诺,双方达成协议如下:

1.                  Definitions


a.             Bankruptcy Act means Title 11 of the United States Code, as now or hereafter in effect or any successor statute.

《破产法》 是指现行有 效或以后生效的《美国法典》第11篇或者后续 法规。

b.            Effective Date means the date first written above.

生效日期是指文首所 载之日期。

c.             Licensed Processes means any method, process, modality, procedure, practice, or course of action within the Territory covered by a claim of Patent Rights,

许可工艺是指专利要 求书中对该地区适用的所有方法、工艺、方式、程序、管理或做法。

d.            Licensed Products means any article, kit, equipment, system, method, apparatus or unit within the Territory covered by a claim of Patent Rights.

许可产品是指专利要 求书中对该地区适用的所有物品、成套工具、设备、系统、方法、器具或装置。

e.             Net Sales Revenue means gross revenue less any taxes, returns, allowances, quantity discounts, freight, and insurance when the same are actually paid or allowed.

净销售收入 是指总收入 减去销售时实际支付或者允许支付的所有税费、退货、津贴、批量折扣、运费和保险费。

f.             Patent Rights means:


1.                  Royalty and Payments. In consideration of the License granted to Licensee in Section 2.a, Licensee shall pay to Licensor an ongoing royalty (the “Royalty”) at the rate of five percent (5%) of Licensee’s Net Sales Revenue from Licensed Products or Licensed Processes, paid quarterly in arrears within thirty days after the end of each calendar quarter. Each Royalty payment shall be paid in good and immediately collectible funds.

专利费和支 付。 考虑到第2.a节授予被许可方的许可,被许可方应向许可方支付分期专利费(以下简称为“专利费”),费率为被许可方从许可产品或许可工艺中获得净销售收入 的百分之五(5%),在每个※※※ 日历季度结束后的三十天内支付上个季度的使用费。 各笔专利费 都应以良好、可立即回收的资金进行支付。

2.                  License Term. This License Agreement will expire on the expiration of the last to expire of the Patent Rights, provided that Licensee has committed an Event of Default.

许可期限。 许可协议在 专利权最后到期之日终止,除非被许可方有违约事件。

3.                  Reporting.


a.             Licensee shall keep full and accurate books of account showing the amount of Royalties and Sublicense Fees due pursuant to this Agreement. These books of account shall be kept at Licensee’s place of business, and shall be made available to Licensor at reasonable times for inspection by an independent certified public account retained by Licensor and shall be kept and made available to Licensor for three years following the end of the calendar year to which they pertain.

被许可方应 完整、准确地记录账簿,指出其根据本协议应支付的专利费和分许可费。 这些账簿应 存放在被许可方的营业所,并在合理的时候提供给许可方,由其聘请独立的注册会计师进行审查。这些账簿应自与其相关的日历年结束时起,保存三年,并在这期间 提供给许可方。

b.            Royalty Report. Not later than thirty (30) days after the beginning of each calendar quarter of each year (a “Reporting Period”), Licensee shall deliver to Licensor a true and accurate report (a “Royalty Report”), giving particulars of the business conducted by Licensee during the preceding Reporting Period as are relevant to an accounting for Royalties and Sublicense Fees due under this Agreement. The Royalty Report shall include at least the following: (i) the quantity of Licensed Products sold by Licensee; (ii) the revenues arising from sales of Licensed Products; (iii) the calculated Royalty due to Licensor; (iv) revenues generated by any Sublicense Agreements, identifying the sublicensee, the amount, and the basis of the calculations; and (v) any other revenues received from third parties. Simultaneously with the delivery of each Royalty Report, Licensee shall pay to Licensor the applicable Royalty as set forth in Paragraph 3 above.

专利费报表 。 被许可方应 在各日历季度开始后的三十(30)天(以下简称为“报表期”)内,向许可方递交一份真实、正确的报表(以下简称为“专利费报表 ”),详细说明被许可方在前一个报表期内开展的、与本协议项下应支付的专利费和分许可费之账目相关的业务。 专利费报表 应至少包含下述内容: (一)被许 可方销售的许可产品数量;(二)通过许可产品销售获得的收入;(三)经计算应支付给许可方的专利费;(四)所有分许可协议产生的收入,注明被分许可人、金额和计算依据;以及(五)从第三方收到的任何其他收入。 在递交各专利费报表 时,被许可方应向许可方支付上述第3段所载的适 用专利费。

c.             Audit Rights. Licensor shall be entitled, upon no less than five (5) days written notice to Licensee and during business hours at Licensee’s office or such other place as Licensee shall designate within the state of California, to inspect and examine those books and records of Licensee relating to the determination of Royalties or Sublicense Fees set forth in any Royalty Report. The inspection of Licensee’s records shall be performed by a national public accounting firm (a “Qualified Firm”). The examination must be conducted within ten (10) days of such books and records being made available to Licensor (“Examination Period”). The Qualified Firm shall prepare a report indicating the results of the review (the “Audit Report”). If the Audit Report discloses that the amount of Royalties or Sublicense Fees reported to Licensor was incorrect, Licensee shall pay to Licensor the deficiency, unless Licensee disputes the Report within thirty (30) days after the receipt of the Report by Licensee. If Licensee disputes the Report within this thirty (30) day period, Licensee and Licensor shall agree upon another of the national independent accounting firms to review and verify the Royalties and Sublicense Fees, and provide the results thereof to Licensee and Licensor (the “Reconciliation Audit”) and the determination as set forth in the Reconciliation Audit shall be binding upon Licensee and Licensor. All costs and expenses of the auditor generating the Report shall be paid by Licensor unless the audit shows that Licensee understated Royalties or Sublicense Fees in the Royalty Report by more than five percent (5%), in which case Licensee shall pay the cost and expenses of such audit. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event the Reconciliation Audit is performed, Licensee and Licensor shall each pay on-half (1/2) of the cost of the Reconciliation Audit. The exercise by Licensor of its audit rights hereunder shall not relieve Licensee of its obligations to pay prior to the request for and inspection and examination of Licensee’s books and records or permit Licensor the right to audit any other sums with the exception of the amounts set forth in this Royalty Report. If Licensor does not elect to exercise its rights to audit during the Audit Period, and/or does not elect to examine the books and records during the Examination Period, then Licensee’s Royalty Report shall conclusively be deemed to be correct and Licensor shall be bound by Licensee's determination. Additionally, Licensor agrees and acknowledges that the audit right as set forth herein and the review of books and records shall be confidential and, with the exception of Licensor’s auditors, Licensor may not disclose or discuss the audit or the results of the audit to any other parties.  

审计权。 许可方有权 在书面通知被许可方后的五(5)天内,在营业期间到被许可方的办公室或被许可方在加利福尼亚州范围内指定的其他地点,查验被许可方与专利费报表 所载之专利费或者分许可费的确定相关的账簿和记录。 对被许可方 数据的检查,应由国家级会计师事务所(简称为“合格的会计师事务所”)进行。 审查必须在 被许可方将账簿和记录提供给许可方后的十(10)天(以下 简称为“审查期”)内进行。 合格的会计 师事务所应拟制包含审查结果的报告(以下简称为“审计报告”)。 如果该审计 报告披露,被许可方报给许可方的专利费或分许可费金额不对,被许可方应向许可方支付不足的部分,除非被许可方在收到该报告后的三十(30)天内对该 报告提出异议。 如果被许可 方在三十(30)天内对该 报告提出异议,许可方和被许可方应就另一个独立的国家级会计师事务所达成一致,由其审查和验证专利费和分许可费,并为许可方和被许可方提供审查和验证结果(以下简称为“调解审计”),调解审计中所载的结果应对许可 方和被许可方都具有约束力。 审计员拟制报告时发生的所有成本和费用均应由许可方承担,除非审计表明被许可方在专利费报表 中少计专利费或分许可费,且少计部分超过应付总额的百分之五(5%)。在这种 情况下,审计的成本和费用应由被许可方承担。 尽管有前款 规定,如果执行调解审计,许可方和被许可方应分别承担一半(1/2)调解审计 成本。 许可方行使其在本协议项下的审计权不得免除被许可方在许可方提出账簿与记录检查和审验要求前付款的义务,被许可方亦不得审计除专利费报表 中所载之金额外的其他金额。 如果许可方在审计期间没有行使其审计权,或者在审查期间没有检查和审验账簿和记录,被许可方的专利费报表 应最终视为正确,且许可方应受被许可方确定的金额约束。 此外,许可 方同意并承认,本协议所载之审计权和对账簿与记录的审查均应为机密。除许可方的审计员外,许可方不得将审计或审计结果披露给其他方,亦不得与其他方讨论该审计或审计结果。 

4.                  Events of Default and Termination.

违约事件和 终止

a.             This Agreement shall terminate automatically if Licensee files a petition, or has a petition filed against it, under any laws relating to insolvency, including, without limitation, any filing under any provision of the Bankruptcy Act; or enters into any voluntary arrangement for the benefit of its creditors; or appoints, or has appointed on its behalf, a receiver, liquidator or trustee of its property or assets.

在下列情况下,协议应自动终止:(一)被许可方根据与破产有关的任何法律,提请破产申请或者被申请破产,包括但不限于根据《破产法》 的规定提出的任何申请;(二)被许可方为其债权人的利益签订任何自愿协议;或者(三)被许可 方指定或者请人代表其指定财产或资产的接管人、清算人或托管人。


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