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  解读英国的 北方经济引擎(中英双语)

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青岛希尼尔翻译公司( www.)2015年10月24日了解到鲜有国家领 导人能有幸在一天内会见如此之多的英国王室成员,对于中国国家主席习近平,英方不余遗力确保这位中方贵宾感受到来自全英国人民的热情和诚意。

Few national leaders has had the honor of meeting so many British royals in one day, but with Chinese President Xi Jinping, all efforts have been made to ensure the distinguished guest receives a full set of British hospitality.

Addressing the State Banquet for Xi at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday evening, British Queen Elizabeth II said the United Kingdom and China have "truly a global partnership" and the president's state visit to Britain is a "defining moment" for the future of Sino-UK relations.

周二晚,英 国女王伊丽莎白二世于白金汉宫为习近平主席举行了盛大的国宴,英女王表示,英方和中方有着真正的全球伙伴关系,习近平主席的访英之行无疑是中英未来关系的一个决定性时刻。

Britain and China have achieved success not only in economic cooperation but also in jointly addressing pressing international challenges, and are now ready to take bilateral relations to "ambitious new heights," the Queen said.

英女王表示 ,“英方和中方不仅在经济方面有合作关系,而且也共同致力于解决当前紧迫的国际挑战。现在,双方已准备好将两国关系发展至一个‘高规格的新高度'”。

The 89-year-old Queen recalled her visit to China with the Duke of Edinburgh in 1986 as with "great fondness," and applauded China's work over the past decades in "lifting hundreds of millions of people out of poverty."

89岁的女王带 着欣喜之情,回忆起1987年她和与爱 丁堡公爵的访华之旅,称赞中国在过去的几十年的非凡成就,如致力于使数亿人摆脱贫困。

解读英国的 北方经济引擎

Echoing the queen, Xi said China and Britain, with their outstanding civilizations, have been influencing each other for centuries though far away from each other geographically.

习近平主席 回应,中国和英国,两国虽相距万里,但以各自卓越的文明,几个世纪以来相互影响。

Both as founding members of the United Nations (UN) and permanent members of the UN Security Council, the two countries share a "sacred" obligation to promote world peace and development, Xi said.

习说,无论 是作为联合国创始国的英国,还是作为联合国安理会常任理事国的中国,两国有着共同的神圣使命:促进世界和平与发展。

Throughout Tuesday, the royal family have spent quite some quality time with Xi and his wife Peng Liyuan.

周二,英王 室几乎全天全程陪同习近平主席和第一夫人彭丽媛。

A traditional ceremonial welcome was held by the Queen for the Chinese president at noon Tuesday in central London with the presence of senior royal family members and political leaders.

传统的欢迎 仪式由女王于周二中午在伦敦市中心隆重举行,英国高级王室成员和政治领导人均出席了该欢迎仪式。

Earlier, the president and his wife had been greeted by Prince Charles on behalf of the Queen at their hotel and traveled with the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall to Horse Guards Parade for the ceremony.

早间,习主 席及其夫人由查尔斯王子代表女王迎接至下榻的酒店,并与威尔士亲王和康沃尔公爵夫人前往骑兵卫队阅兵场参加欢迎仪式。

With 41 rounds of gun salute fired from Green Park and 62 from the Tower of London, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, bathed in rare London sunshine, formally welcomed Xi and Peng at the Royal pavilion on Horse Guards Parade.

按英国皇家 最高规仪,伦敦塔桥和格林公园分别鸣放62响和41响礼炮,沐 浴在伦敦难得的阳光下,英女王和爱丁堡公爵在骑兵卫队阅兵场的皇家宫殿正式欢迎习近平主席及其夫人彭丽媛。

Xi, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, inspected the Guard of Honor and later joined the Queen and the Duke for a state carriage procession along The Mall to Buckingham Palace, with Chinese National Anthem being played.

由爱丁堡公 爵陪同,习检阅了英荣誉卫队,之后随女王和公爵乘坐皇家金马车到白金汉宫,全程播放中国国歌。

Thousands of people have lined around the Buckingham Palace and surrounding routes since early morning to welcome the president, who is the first Chinese head of state to visit Britain in 10 years, initiating a "golden era" for bilateral ties.

自清晨开始 ,成千上万的英国民众就在白金汉宫周围和途径路线列队欢迎中国主席,习近平主席是10年来第一个 访问英国的中国国家元首,开启了双边关系的“黄金时期”。

After riding through cheering crowds in the golden and black Diamond Jubilee Coach, Xi enjoyed a private lunch at Buckingham Palace with the Queen. He then viewed an exhibition of China-related items from the Royal Collection in the picture gallery of the palace and exchanged gifts with the Queen.

乘坐皇家金 色马车,穿过欢呼的人群之后,习在白金汉宫与女王出席了非正式午宴。随后,习在白金汉宫皇家藏品廊参观了系列与中国相关的藏品,并与女王交换了礼物。

The enthusiastic welcome from the British side for the Chinese president is a "step forward for bilateral ties" and represents "the West and the East warmly embracing each other for a better future," said Fu Xiaolan, professor of technology and international development at Oxford University.

英方的热情 欢迎对中国国家主席而言,是“双边关系向前迈进的一大步”,这代表“西方和东方为共创美好未来热烈拥抱对方”,傅小兰,牛津大学技术国际化发展教授如是阐释。

Closer cooperation between China and Britain could "raise the living standards of ordinary people" and "send more kids to school," she said, adding that Britain's "knowledge and creativity" will also help China in its future development.

中国和英国 之间的密切合作可以“提高民众的生活水平”,以及“送更多的孩子上学”,她补充说,英国的“知识与创造力”也将有助于中国在未来的发展。

In the afternoon, Xi and Peng enjoyed tea time and Welsh music with Charles and his wife Camilla at Clarence House, after a visit to the parliament.

当天下午参 观国会后,习近平和夫人彭丽媛与查尔斯及夫人卡米拉在克拉伦斯宫,听着威尔士音乐,享受英式下午茶。

The president told the Prince of Wales that the China-Britain relations bear increasing strategic significance and global influence, that he appreciates the royal family's contribution in cultivating bilateral ties and welcomes more royal family members to visit China.

习主席向威 尔士王子阐释,中英关系越来越具有战略意义和全球影响力,对致力于双边关系王室的贡献表示感谢,并欢迎更多的王室成员访问中国。

Prince Charles, for his part, wished Xi great success in his visit and called for stronger cooperation in carrying on traditional culture.

查尔斯王子 则预祝习此次访问成功,并呼吁在传承传统文化中加强合作。

Xi and Charles also exchanged views on sustainable development, climate change, low-carbon life and clean energy, and agreed that the two countries should strengthen cooperation in relative fields.

习和查尔斯 还就可持续发展、气候变化、低碳生活和清洁能源问题交换了意见,并一致认为,两国应加强在相关领域的合作。

Back at Buckingham Palace, Xi met with Prince William, who had traveled to China in March and delivered the Queen's formal invitation.

回到白金汉 宫,习近平会见了威廉王子,威廉王子3月曾前往中 国,并传递了女王的正式邀请。

Hailing William's March trip to China as a successful visit, Xi said his visit in Britain is for "deepening China-Britain relations, expanding bilateral cooperation and promoting friendship between the two peoples," hoping that the trip will usher a new chapter in China-Britain relations.

威廉王子的 中国之行是一次成功的访问,习近平表示来英访问是为“深化中国与英国的关系,扩大双边合作,促进两国人民之间的友谊”,希望此行能为中英关系迎来一个新篇章。

William spoke in favor of China's firm efforts in combating illegal ivory trade and strengthening international cooperation in wildlife protection.

谈到在打击 非法象牙贸易方面,威廉对中国的坚定努力、加强野生动物保护的国际合作的做法表示赞同。

He also wished bigger achievements in China's football development, which will be an important topic during Xi's trip to Manchester when the president visits Manchester City Football Club.

他还希望看 到中国足球取得更大的成就,当习参观曼彻斯特足球俱乐部,这将会是习近平前往曼彻斯特期间的一个重要话题。

Having concluded his first full-day visit in London, Xi is scheduled to visit Downing Street and the City of London on Wednesday.

在结束他的 首次全日伦敦之行后,习近平将于周三参观唐宁街和伦敦金融城。

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