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双语新闻: 立即脱欧:英首相准备触发第50条条款!不 经下议院投票

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青岛希尼尔翻译公司( www.)2016年8月30日了解到:The Prime Minister will take Britain out of the EU irrespective of threats from former British Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair who muted campaigners could challenge her decision and sue the Government almost a decade after he left office.

英国首相不 顾英国前工党首相托尼.布莱尔的威 胁执意脱欧,托尼.布莱尔削弱 了活动家的声音,来挑战她的决定,在离职后的近十年中控告政府。

Mrs May has taken legal advice from Government lawyers who have been studying the legislation contained within the Lisbon Treaty.

英国首相梅 已经采纳了政府律师团的建议,这些律师一直在研究包括《里斯本条约》在内的立法。

Mrs May is to move forward despite pressure from the House of Lords who voted for Britain to remain in the EU.

英国首相梅※※※ 将会一直推动脱欧,尽管面临着来自上议院中留欧派的压力。

A Downing Street source said: “The Prime Minister has been absolutely clear that the British public have voted and now she will get on with delivering Brexit.”

一位来自唐 宁街的消息人士表示:“英国首相已绝对清楚地表明,英国公众已经投票脱欧,现在她将是交付兑现脱欧的时候了。”

Sources say Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Brexit ministers including David Davis and Liam Fox are forging ahead with their exit strategy following meetings.

消息人士称 外交大臣鲍里斯·约翰逊以及包括大卫.戴维斯和利 亚姆.福克斯在内 的脱欧大臣正在推动随后的退出策略会议。

The news comes as Express.co.uk reveals Tory MPs are also putting forward a proposal to scrap the 1972 European Communities Act and leave “immediately”.

《每日快报 》揭示英国保守党议员也提出一个废除1972年欧洲共同 体法案以及“立即”脱欧的提议。

The plans, drawn up by former Cabinet minister John Redwood, could see Britain leave the EU much more quickly, with suggestions of a New Year exit.

该计划由前 内阁大臣约翰·雷德伍德拟定,可以看到英国更迅速地脱离欧盟,并建议与新年期间退出。

The Prime Minister is operating against a backdrop of financial collapse in Europe with countries including Germany and Italy teetering on the verge of European Central Bank bail out.

包括德国, 意大利在内的欧洲央行正徘徊在金融崩溃的边缘,英国首相此举正是为了应对欧洲金融崩溃。

The EU is diverting billions of pounds to deal with a migrant crisis of gargantuan proportions and outbreaks of widespread terror as countries now close their borders snubbing EU agreements like Schengen.

欧盟投下数 十亿英镑,来应对巨大的移民危机和普遍的恐怖爆发,现在欧盟国家纷纷不顾申根协定关闭边境。

The UK is continuing to pay money into the EU each week despite claims of widespread corruption and accusations of large scale fraud in some African nations which are receiving billions of pounds in subsidies.

目前英国每 周还在继续向欧盟支付大量的钱。一些南非国家接受了欧盟几十亿英镑的补贴,但这些国家存在着大范围的腐败和大规模的诈骗指控。

Now Conservative politicians are welcoming the decision.

现在,保守 党的政治家们欢迎这一决定。

Bill Cash, a eurosceptic Conservative MP and leading Brexit campaigner, told the Telegraph: “It sounds emphatic and that’s what we want to hear.

一名欧洲怀 疑论者保守党议员兼领先脱欧活动家比尔.卡什说:“ 这听起来言之凿凿,这就是我们想要听的。”

“There were people who are threatening to try and stop Brexit. The bottom line is that here is nothing that could possibly be allowed to stand in its way. Everyone in Europe is expecting it, the decision has been taken by the British people and that’s it. Let’s get on with it.”

“有人试图 威胁阻止脱欧。底线则是一切都不可能阻挡脱欧的道路。每一个欧洲人都期望脱欧,英国人民已经做出了这个决定,就是这样。让我们开始吧。”

While Iain Duncan Smith, the former Work and Pensions Secretary, has said that the Government needs to “get on” with triggering Article 50 amid signs of increasing splits among Conservative MPs.

虽然前就业 与养老金事务大臣伊恩·邓肯·史密斯曾表示保守党议员之间出现越来越明显的裂痕,政府需要与第50条条款“和 平相处”。

Last week Labour hopeful Owen Smith set out his plans to disrupt the process.

上周工党党 魁角逐者欧文.史密斯计划 破坏脱欧过程。

He said: “Under my leadership, Labour won’t give the Tories a blank cheque.

他表示:“ 在我的领导下,工党不会向保守党开空头支票。”

"I hope Jeremy will support me in such a move."

“我希望杰 里米将支持我这样做。”

He followed in the footsteps of multi millionaire Mr Blair who was eviscerated in the Chilcot Iraq War Inquiry last month.

他追随百万 富翁布莱尔先生的脚步,上个月布莱尔先生在伊拉克战争的齐尔考特调查中元气大伤。

"The country should carry on being engaged in this debate, it should carry on expressing its view.”

“国家应该 就此事继续展开讨论,继续表达其观点。”

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