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双语新闻: 欧洲法院判决指向盗版内容的链接非法

青岛希尼尔 翻译咨询有限公司(www.)整理发布   2016-09-13


青岛希尼尔翻译公司( www.)2016年9月13日了解到:Online publishers who knowingly link to illegally uploaded content are liable for copyright infringement, according to a European Court of Justice ruling that could have broad consequences for digital media.

根据欧洲法 院(European Court of Justice)一项裁决, 有意链接非法上传内容的网络出版商,须承担侵害版权的法律责任。这一裁决可能会对数字化媒体产生广泛影响。

The ruling, which marks the culmination of a five-year legal fight involving a Dutch blog, Playboy magazine and celebrity nude pictures, draws new lines around what has been a highly contested area of online copyright law.

这一裁决标 志着一轮持续五年的法律诉讼达到高潮,该案涉及一个荷兰博客网站、《花花公子》(Playboy)杂志和多张 名人裸照。该裁决为网络版权法一个始终极有争议的领域划定了新的规范。

Until now, Europe’s top court has tolerated the widespread practice of providing weblinks to unauthorised online content — whether films, pictures, video or text — concluding that this did not generally amount to a breach of copyright.

直至目前, 对于提供指向未授权在线内容(无论是电影、图片、视频,还是文本)的网页链接的普遍行为,欧洲最高法院一直持容忍态度,认定这么做通常不等于对版权的侵犯。

Instead, the website that hosted the underlying content was liable.

相反,提供 相关内容的网站须承担法律责任。

But on Thursday the ECJ decided that linking to such material did infringe copyright unless it was done without the pursuit of financial gain by a person who did not know or could not reasonably have known the illegal nature of the publication.

然而,周四 欧洲法院裁定,对这类资料的链接确实侵犯了版权——除非此举是由不了解或无法足够了解这一出版活动非法属性的人士,在无盈利目的的情况下实施的。

The ruling means that professional publishers must now take steps to ensure that any links to copyright content have been lawfully uploaded.

这一裁决意 味着专业出版商如今必须采取措施,确保对于指向版权内容的任何链接,相关内容都是合法上传的。

Profit-making websites can be expected to take necessary checks to ensure that the work concerned is not illegally published, according to the judgment.

根据这一判 决,营利网站默认应采取必要审查措施,确保相关作品不是非法出版。

Search engines such as Google already remove search results that link to websites that host pirated material once informed by rights holders.

谷歌(Google)等搜索引擎 已经采取了措施,只要版权持有者告知,就会移除指向提供盗版资料的网站的搜索结果。

After Thursday’s ruling, they could be forced to go further by taking down search results featuring publishers that merely link to other websites hosting unlicensed content, according to some copyright lawyers.

按照部分版 权律师的说法,在周四的裁决之后,它们可能不得不更进一步,撤下指向一类出版商的搜索结果,这类出版商只会提供指向其他非授权内容网站的链接。

The case began in 2011 when Geen Stijl, an anarchic Dutch blog and one of the most popular websites in the Netherlands, linked to illegally uploaded naked photos of a Dutch celebrity in Playboy.

该案始于2011年,Geen Stijl网站发布了 指向非法上传内容的链接,这些非法上传的内容是一位荷兰名人在《花花公子》上的裸照。Geen Stijl是荷兰一个※ 无政府主义博客,也是荷兰人气最高的网站之一。

The pictures were hosted on file sharing website Filefactory, to which the blog linked.

该博客文章 里的链接指向的照片位于文件分享网站Filefactory。

Playboy publisher Sanoma demanded that Geen Stijl remove the link to the photos, but the Dutch website refused.

《花花公子 》出版商Sanoma要求Geen Stijl撤下指向这 些照片的链接,却遭到这家荷兰网站的拒绝。

In fact, the blog went further and repeatedly uploaded other links to the pictures, with titles such as: Update: Not yet seen the nude pics . . .? They are HERE, and Bye Bye Wave Wave Playboy.

事实上,该 博客更进了一步,反复上传了指向这些照片的其他链接,并带上了更新:还没看过这些裸照……?它们在这里和《花花公子》,再见!挥手!之类的标题。

Brussels is on the cusp of launching a controversial overhaul of its copyright rules, in which rights holders stand to gain more power.

欧盟目前正 要对其版权法规开展一轮争议极大的整改,在这一整改中版权持有者将获得更大权力。

Under the plans, news publishers will be given more rights over their content in a move that would force the likes of Google to agree terms before showing snippets of news content.

按照这一计 划,新闻出版商将围绕其内容被赋予更多权利,此举或迫使谷歌之类的网站在显示新闻内容摘要前同意相关条款。

Critics warned that the ruling — combined with the proposed reforms — could have a chilling effect online.

批评者警告 称,这一裁决以及拟议中的改革可能会在网上引起恐慌。

Jakob Kucharczyk, director of CCIA Europe, which represents the technology industry, said: This case shows that the freedom to hyperlink is under attack.

代表高科技 产业的计算机与通信行业协会欧洲分会(CCIA Europe)主席雅各布 •库哈尔奇克 (Jakob Kucharczyk)表示:该案 表明,超链接自由正遭受攻击。

Following the verdict, a post on Geen Stijl warned: Careful hyperlinking, people — today there is a minefield on the free internet.

该判决发布 后,Geen Stijl网站上一个 网帖警告称:伙计们,小心超链接——如今,自由的互联网上存在着地雷阵。

The decision will be welcomed by rights holders, according to Josephine Curry, associate in Taylor Wessing, as it offers some protection against commercial websites.

按照泰乐信 律师事务所(Taylor Wessing)律师约瑟菲※※※ 娜•库里(Josephine Curry)的说法,该 裁决将受到版权持有者的欢迎,因为它针对商业网站提供了一定程度的保护。

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